Hybrid 1, nr. 1 (white) (66,56€)
Hybrid 1, nr. 1 (white) (66,56€)
Hybrid 1, nr. 1 (white) (66,56€)
Hybrid 1, nr. 1 (white) (66,56€)
Hybrid 1, nr. 1 (white) (66,56€)
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Hybrid 1, nr. 1 (white) (66,56€)

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Hybrid 1, nr. 1, white (Price in Euro: 66,56€)

In Danish:

Send en besked via kontaktformularen for at købe dette linoleumstryk.

Håndtrykt på håndlavet papir, 100g/m2, 100% bomuld lavet af bomuldsrester, str. A4, papirfarve (w) Hvid. Kommer uden ramme.

Linoleumstryk uden ramme: Når du køber dette tryk, kommer printet ikke med ramme. (Rammerne på billederne er kun for at give et eksempel på, hvordan dette print kan se ud i en ramme. Størrelse på rammen på billederne med hvid baggrund: 30x40 cm. og størrelsen på rammen på billederne af det farverige kunstværk i pink/blå anvendt som baggrund: 40x50.

Papirstørrelse: A4 (Papiret er håndtrykt, derfor kan størrelsen variere en smule med nogle mm. og passer muligvis ikke 100% A4-mål).

(Bemærk venligst! At farven på trykket er Hvid (w) på billederne med ramme (30x40) og hvid baggrund. Samt at farven på trykket er Rå-hvid (ow) på billederne med ramme (40x50) hvor kunstværk i pink/blå er anvendt som baggrund).


In English: 

Send a request through the contact form to buy this linoprint.

Handprintet on handmade paper, 100g/m2, 100% cotton made from cotton remnants. Size A4. Paper colour: (w) White. Lino Print without a frame.

Lino Prints without a frame: When purchasing this print, the print does not come with a frame. (The frames in the pictures are only to give an example on how it can look in a frame. Sizes of the frames are 30x40 cm. (the frame in the pictures with a white background) and 40x50 cm. (the frame in the pictures with the colorful artwork in pink/blue as a background (find this artwork under "Paintings": 'Series; Just a kid...'))

Paper size: A4 (the paper is handmade, so the measurements may not fit exactly the measurements of A4)

(Please note! - The color of the print is White (w) in the pictures with the frame (30x40) and the white background. And the color of the lino print is Off White (Ow) in the pictures with the frame (40x50) in which the pink/blue artwork is used as a background).


Personal thoughts about the first hybrid portrait:
The first hybrid-portrait in my Series ‘Hybrid’ came to life as a sketch in 2019.
Every time, I’ve been working with my ‘Hybrid’ Series since then, I’ve been working with the importancy of understanding (not only theoretically but) emotionally, the value of truly appreciating and acknowledging every aspect of a human being.
What I see in the hybrid-faces every time is a human being trying to embrace and value the existential and contrasting emotions and aspects of a itself; all the difficult and destructive feelings in which thanatos (the instinct of death) is rooted, and on the other side the upbeat, uplifting and passionated feelings in which Eros (love) and libido as a force in life is found.
The hybrid-faces shows me a contrast of emotions that is rooted in feelings of conflicts; A dilemma of cultural and national existential feelings seeking the truth and asking the questions; Who am I? What is my identity? What is my nationality? Who am I as a cultural being? What is my dreams in and hopes for life? Are my dreams and passion deep-rooted in who and what I am or are they just a product of culture and time? How do I continue life and manifest these dreams without knowing the truth about myself? Should I find the truth by choosing; either I’m this or I’m that?
Through the portraits I always find the answer in the Cultural Studies’ understanding of ‘hybridity’. A person is a result of every aspects of its life and everything life has given, both the difficult emotions deep-rooted in the cultural dilemma of being one or another.
We’re passionated beings, striving to manifest our hopes and dreams (who and what we are) no matter how society in general wants to describe us. Our life-story and cultural life-experiences of being both one and another (culturally) has ‘shaped’ us to be who we are and what we are through existential crises, hopes and dreams.
We are not an ‘either or’.
We are both.
We are hybrid.