About and Values

Artworks by Olivia Kamradt. 

Profile of the artist

Olivia Kamradt is a danish emerging artist in lino print, paintings and other unique artworks.

Background: Art Pioneer (graduated from Kunsthal NORD, DK) and BA in Applied Philosophy and Cultural Studies (graduated from Aalborg University, DK).

About the name: OK mak|værk

The artist find the word "makværk" (pronounced as "makvärk") beautiful, fun and strong, and the word describes her creative process perfectly.

Makværk is a danish word, that comes from German; machwerk. It is a combination of two words; "mak" and "værk". "Mak" describes something that's not easy to work with or something that has been sloppily made. "Værk" means a craft or a piece of work (in this sense it would be an artwork).

In danish the term is usually used in the artisan world about something that's very difficult to make and which seems like a mess. In everyday speech, the expression is often used in a humorous sense about something that should have been perfectly made but went wrong along the way... like a "cake fail" or The Leaning Tower of Pisa, that was built on an unstable foundation (though the Tower of Pisa is absolutely stunning in its imperfect way).

Makværk has a humoristic quirkiness to it, which the artist think, in general, is the best way to describe her unique creations and often imperfect creative process. Therefore she has also used the initals in her name, OK (Olivia Kamradt), because she thought it was a fun pun, and also to describe that her "makværk" may not be perfect, and in a nonperfect way it is OK, and that is OK.

This is the story behind the name of OK mak|værk.

The artist hopes to bring you joy and curiosity with every unique expression in the artworks. Enjoy the makværk by Olivia Kamradt.

Values in the work with art

OK mak|værk values sustainable methods and tries to work towards sustainability in the work with and of art, either by;

  • making unique and non-mass produced artworks
  • working from a "zero waste" concept
  • using recycled materials
  • making a limited - or a small number of print of a design each year, and/or working with a "print on demand" concept to avoid overproduction and waste materials
  • using sustainabale packaging when shipping the items

About sustainability and groundwater, the artist seeks to clean the brushes in a gentle way, when working with acrylic - and other kinds of paint that can be harsh on nature. This is done by either using the same unwashed cloth to wipe the paint off and to reuse the same water to clean the brushes with, by filtering the water several times and letting the residual paint solidify. This is to prevent the acrylic paint from rinsing down the drain and in worst case scenario into the groundwater.

The artist always seeks to find better solutions towards sustainability and a more sustainable way of making art, which she tries her best to implement in her work.



Other information 

CVR: 43028650

Jernbanegade 12, 9800 Hjørring, Denmark

E-mail: ok.makvaerk@gmail.com